We are what we are

We may never set the world on fire but who cares.

We do what we do, ie rescue those that need us and give them a job, some self respect and make them feel loved.

(The Minions taking it upon themselves to “guard” their stallion, Taktur, against any marauding local tigers.)


My horse, Haakon, has been my best friend for over 18 years.  I would be lost without him and he is still just the same as always. He never changes.

He only has to flick those beautiful black trimmed ears, I melt and give him the world.


The workforce!  Ok, some of the workforce but that is how we role in this Shire.  Relaxed, happy and we all get on.


To many, Lambert and Lambie are just orphan sheep who would make nice rugs (yes, it has been said, often), better off dead and are no use to anyone.


To me, they are my boys and I love them very much, would give them the world and they are part of my family.  My motto is “whatever it takes” as I took them on as my responsibility.  That is what Family means.



Folk seriously under-estimate sheep and they make the best faithful loyal pets.


And when your daughter says she wants a new pony because she is bored of the one you gave her when she was eight, show her this photo.  Daisy would never trade Iacs in for a better one.  He has been her’s since she was little and nothing has changed.  They are a team.  Forever.BN2A5706

Yup, so no surprises, no nothing, just us…… That is how we are.  Simple and ordinary.


5 thoughts on “We are what we are

  1. Karen

    They are all special and lucky to have a home such as yours. I think Daisy’s Iacs is one special fellow though and have a soft spot for Lambert who is such a good friend to Lambie.

  2. jen breese

    For what it is worth, I like who you are. The public side you show is caring, generous and kind. To me, that makes a kind of person I like. 🙂 I hope your Saturday was delightful. It has to be with all those sweet friends of yours!


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