Water Bucket Football

Floss and I are absolutely not talking to the Minions today.

In our absence, they had been playing Water Bucket Football.  The hooligans. We could see their little hoofprints in the snow all around the bucket, which was far, far away – they had obviously had a lovely game!

Floss and I dutifully lug hay, water and carrots (and TurmerAid for Fivla)  every day and this is all the thanks we get.

The finger points…… oh yes it does.

I turned my back for a second only to look back and find Storm rolling in one of the piles of hay which confirmed to me just how wicked he is.

That is not helpful, Storm.  Not helpful at all.

There were obvious accomplices with the bucket removal. I know it – Waffle was on my list for starting it all as he does love to dance in every bucket of water he can find.  Newt would’ve not been far behind, though!  Don’t be beguiled by that innocent fluffy yak appearance.

So, while I took the ice off the remaining bucket and tied it with some bale twine I happened about  my person, Floss kindly walked the ruddy miles (felt like it) to retrieve the errant bucket.

Both buckets were tied up (firmly) and filled with fresh water.  Meh!

We left everyone to think about what they had done (munching their hay) – I don’t think they cared one bit and had being having a lovely time!


4 thoughts on “Water Bucket Football

  1. Linda Kirk

    Fivla doesn’t care, she looks very content. And I refuse to hear anything bad about Newt.
    Gorgeous snowy landscape.

  2. diane in northern wis

    Hope you can stop the water bucket football games from continuing. Somebodies must have been a little bored? I did like the munching video though!


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