Washing Wool and Weather

I am feeling a bit sore now so spent the day doing easy things.

On my to-do list was “wash the Wensleydale locks” I had recently bought from Home Farm Wensleydales.  I adore their wool. It is wonderful to work with and what makes my curly-wurly sheep extra curly-wurly!

I am new to this fleece-washing but I remembered what to do by reading my blog again – the one called Washing Lambie’s Fleece when I received expert instruction.  I was rather thankful I had written everything down for posterity as I couldn’t remember how many “elephants” of Fairy Liquid were required (five, so you know).

As I was washing a much smaller amount, ie not a whole fleece, I decided to work in the kitchen.

I had most of the kit here anyway and wouldn’t have to lug it over to the stable, where I worked last time.

The Rayburn was very useful for boiling huge quantities of water.  Soup on the right = lunch.

I worked diligently away.  Washing, then rinsing….

More rinsing….

And the final rinse, hoping no one mistook them for noodles!

Then I lay the washed locks on a towel to drip dry.

Once there was no more dripping, I moved them to a rack on the top of the warm Rayburn next to our lunch.

After lunch, I spread the fleece on a bigger rack where they are looking very good and drying nicely.

This afternoon, I spent hours trying to make this video “work”.

Hopefully I will sleep tonight and ache less tomorrow.


4 thoughts on “Washing Wool and Weather

  1. Sam

    how many Sheeple can you get out of the washed fleece? And with a hearty bowl of soup and BeAnne, I can only hope tomorrow is a grand day.


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