Walls Show

It is pouring with rain therefore it is Show Day –  the Walls & District Annual Show.


We were due to enter our four girls (Gwendolinda, Lyra, Carina and Zoot), had practiced, washed and cleaned everything when the decision was made to withdraw all our show entries.  There was a conflict of interest (not our fault or problem) and that is all I can say?

Ho hum.


The silver lining to my raincloud was meeting Storm’s Mum, Benstonholm Nightshade, who was being shown by her breeder.


She was lovely and I could instantly see they were related – the same eye, the same movement.


Anywho, I went for the morning wandering around with my camera and seeing old friends.  Today waterproofs were national dress.


The Show had some fantastic entries in every category imaginable.


Yes, there is a class called Six Potatoes (especially for Simone – get well soon and I hope this makes you smile)


Beautiful newly shorn fleeces in boxes.


Vegetable Creations (Children’s Section) – one of my favourite classes to see.

L1110646 L1110650

A Scarecrow? (I think that’s the class).


Article in Woodwork (this was incredible craftsmanship. Beautiful).


Most Unusual Plant – huh?  What’s that then?


Miniature Garden (Children Section)


Basket of Heather


This makes me laugh every year.


Who knew there was so many local gentlemen?


Decorated Novelty Sponge


Openwork Shawl – truly awesome.  This always takes my breath away.


There were many other exhibits and I looked at as much as I could without becoming drenched.


Maybe next year we will try again.


Disappointed muchly.



4 thoughts on “Walls Show

  1. Anne Barron

    So sorry for everyone at the Walls Show today. We were going to take my mother who’s up on holiday but decided against due to the rain and lack of suitable footwear / clothing. I do honestly feel for the organisers and participants who’ve looked forward to it, and worked hard for it, all year round. Especially, after the long run of good weather we’ve had. Desperately disappointing.

  2. Linda

    …and did you get a chance to tell Storm’s mum how well he’s doing?

    I absolutely LOVE shows like this; usually here in the States it’s too HOT.

  3. Rebecca Final

    Fairs used to be like this in the US, but now it seems there are less animals and more commercial products which in my opinion is NOT a fair. The Walls Show looks lovely. I would have gone despite the rain to see all the wonderful things. And Storm’s mum is so cute. Would love to have seen pics of you showing your ponies and how they do it in the UK. Thanks for the wonderful photos.


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