Walking with a Friend

T’other day, whilst out on one of my walks with my three sheep, a friend drove by and stopped for a chat.  I explained that I walked as my physio and she offered to come along too.

Today we went for our walk.  My friend brought her two doglets – Pip and Jack and I took Her- (Now Sulking)-Maj who refused to have anything to do with her canine companions.

(Oh the shame)

By Shetland standards it was a hot day.  There was also a brisk breeze which made walking very easy.

We went much further than I usually do but the wind blew us along and we were chatting as we walked so I didn’t really notice until the way home when we had to walk straight into the wind.  Then it was much more difficult and we could barely hear ourselves.

We arrived home feeling very well exercised and virtuous.  A cup of coffee in the kitchen and Monster came into introduce himself to our guests.

If you asked Monster if he liked dogs, he would reply yes, but he couldn’t eat a whole one.

You can guess what happened next.  I apologised profusely shooting Monster a filthy look at the same time.

It was a lovely walk and all the better for having a friend to chat to.  I hope I will see them again.

4 thoughts on “Walking with a Friend

  1. Linda

    I hope your walking companion(s) become a regular thing, Frances! That definitely can make a difference in how a walk goes…

  2. Judith Garbutt

    What a brave cat. I wonder if he could ‘sort out’ my dog and persuade her that chasing cats is not a good idea! Amazingly blue sky, Frances! Hope you’ve been feeling a bit better today.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    That is funny about Monster, but only in retrospect and maybe not to the little guy he was harassing. Walking with a friend sounds enjoyable, so keep it up. Now you’ve got the fan club following (or walking ahead of you), so you’ve got lots of company.

  4. Sam

    Monster must have chatted up Little Miss Maine Coon cat who breaks out her bib and BBQ sauce when a dog dares to enter her yard/ let alone the house. (Yes, she is an indoor only cat).


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