I always say to folk “if you need help, here I am”, or “if you need photos, here I am” but few rarely take me up on the offer.  I can only do what my back allows me to do and sitting, lifting or bending down are not really possible.


So I was thrilled to get a request from Transition Turriefield – “Transition Turriefield was established as a Community Interest Company in January 2011. Turriefield is the name of the croft where we’re based and the Transition part is about doing what we can on a local scale to tackle the global problems of climate change, rising food prices and diminishing supplies of cheap fuel.”


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As well as their weekly vegetable box schemes, Turriefield are having a stall at The Shetland Food Fair on Friday 30 October – Sunday 1 November 2015 at The Clickimin.


They needed help trimming, washing, bagging and labelling.  This I could do.


I was also in charge of gadgets – happy, happy.  I loved the machines and I have always wanted my own shop.  Those scales were fun.  My last bag-sealing was probably the only perfect one while the rest were purely functional.


I went yesterday afternoon and BeAnne refused to come too. I left her at home and she was found wandering down the road looking for me.


So today, I took her with me as I knew there would be vile weather this afternoon which would upset her.


BeAnne was happy to go (she likes the folk at Turriefield) and quickly settled into helping.


So we worked on our veggie production line and I enjoyed every minute of it.



4 thoughts on “Volunteering

  1. Sam

    Sometimes the best feeling is knowing you are helping. And good to see you have taught BeAnne this lesson.
    After all, SOME ONE has to be the Empress!


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