Vitamin and Fivla are home

I took the horsevan to Leradale to give it a run and to see if we needed it for Vitamin and Fivla.  I have been sucking my teeth about Vitamin for a few days.

After Vitamin’s half-arsed attempt at her bucket, I made the decision to bring her home, with Fivla for company.

When we arrived home, we put them in the stable and I tried Vitamin out on “green sludge” (fibre block by any other name).

She quite liked it and even ate some mouthfuls.

After making sure the ladies had everything they could both possibly need, I drove to Lerwick to get more hay and visited the feed merchant to get a lick bucket and some sugar beet.  Then home not even stopping for chips!

It became very clear very quickly that both ponies did not want to be kept inside so we walked them slowly over to Clothie.

Ok, there is no grass but we can keep a better eye on them and feed little and often if we can find whatever it is Vitamin wants to or can eat.  She liked the lick bucket. Sugar, sugar, sugar.  I don’t care.

Delivered today were many blocks of grassibix – dried grass with linseed.  She liked that and I have put one onto soak to see if it is easier for her in that form.


Tomorrow afternoon (in a howling gale) we are driving the ladies to our vet so that Vitamin can have her teeth rasped.  I think she has some sharp bits and it hurts her to eat.

I hope we can help her. I don’t want this to be the end.

6 thoughts on “Vitamin and Fivla are home

  1. Sam

    Oh how I wish we had a Universal Translator for our elder critters! Would make life so much easier than trying to guess the problem. Lucky for these two, you observe and act quickly. And any calorie is a good one even if it is just sugar. Fingers crossed a little filing will solve the problem.

  2. louise whyte whyte

    hope the dental helps, when Aimee was on the having that chat with the vet, I found that Rowan and Barbery Convalescent mash, last thing you would feed a donkey or shetland, did the trick. And she really likes Veteran Vitality

  3. Nicki

    Two beautiful ladies. I used to give my older mare warm feeds I’d boil the kettle and add it to anything that needed it she’d wolf it down, she loved warm water in her bucket too One spoilt pony but they’re worth it. Come on Vitamin eat up

  4. Judith Garbutt

    Fingers crossed for the old ladies. Hope a bit of dentistry will make her more comfortable. xx

  5. Ruth Reeves

    Definitely could be right about the teeth Francis, but I must say her coat is looking super, lovely shine to it
    All the best with her teeth, I’m sure she feel more comfortable afterwards x


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