Vitamin *Ahem*!

I am not talking to Vitamin.

She has developed a terrible habit.

Not enjoying this enforced summer diet, Vitamin has taken to leaning over the fence to get more grass from the adjacent field.  I can see her from the house and it drives me mad.

She knows I know and she knows I don’t like it one bit.

I’ve given up having words with her about this as it does not good and falls on very deaf ears.


And the moment my back is turned she goes back to doing it.  The fence is slowly getting wrecked too.

So far….. the other ponies don’t do this.  Waffle would try if he could (I’ve watched him attempt to copy Vitamin) but he is just not tall enough.  The only other one would be Silver as he is the tallest but he has better manners for the time being…..

The only way to stop this heinous behaviour would be to run another electric fence on the other side of the track, almost all the way round, which I am very reluctant to do as I hate the idea of the ponies living with electric wire on either side of their track.  It seems mean but, watching Vitamin’s behaviour, I am almost tempted to do it.

And, to be honest, I don’t mind Vitamin having the extra grass (as long as she doesn’t get laminitis).  She is happy and doing well (aged 30 years old) and I would be being stingy to ruin what this fun she has in life.

I think I will hold off with the electric fence until the others start to do it and then all bets are off.  I have a fencer coming in August – I will see what suggestions he has too.

2 thoughts on “Vitamin *Ahem*!

  1. Sue

    A suggestion would be to mow or string trim a 2 to 3 foot strip of grass along the outside of the track fence they are leaning over to reach and eat. This worked for my donkeys who were breaking boards reaching through the wood rail fence.

  2. Judith

    Poor old Vitamin! We old ladies have to get what fun we can out of life. Good for her – how enterprising.


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