Very Brave or Very Stupid

Storm ……

Well, he’s either very brave or very stupid.

If I am honest, I would say he is stupid.

Today was Farrier Day so we were in a rush, trying to get our work completed as efficiently and quickly as possible

Floss and I were feeding those who get fed – Fivla, Vitamin, Lilja and Sóley.  I was in charge of Vitamin and Fivla.

As it was blowing a hooley, we chose sheltered spots for their buckets.   Vitamin insisted on standing with her back legs up a steep hill. She wouldn’t move.

But Fivla and Vitamin are experts when it comes to buckets.  They don’t come up for air until their bucket is empty and clean.

And all I will say is God help anyone who gets in their way or tries to steal their bucket!  You can expect both barrels from the ladies.

Storm would not be told.  I was concerned that Vitamin would pile in and sort him out but luckily she just kept eating.  She does not take kindly to this kind of behaviour.  I can’t say I  blame her.

Storm was enough to the try the patience of a Saint.   Today Vitamin was that Saint.

And he was an unrepentant sinner.

Not even slightly sorry.

You can tell these two are related! They think the same thoughts.

Tiddles was a sweetheart so I gave him a secret carrot and told him to tell no one.  He munched silently.

Meanwhile Floss was hard at work keeping the peace with the big ones. Their buckets were blowing around because they have a more airy-fairy approach to food.  I think Silver was also being unhelpful too.

Out of everyone, only Albie and Waffle were today’s paragons of virtue.

We are all recovering now from a busy day.

1 thought on “Very Brave or Very Stupid

  1. Sam

    Storm is the kid who holds a nose/finger 1″off another and says “I’m not touching you” just to annoy the whole world. Clearly he needs a better job – start by revoking his library card to Newt’s Huge Book of Revenge. As for the Ladies of The Minions – good for them to get on with eating. Nice to know the Good Boys (Tiddles) can get a treat and not brag about it.


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