Two Walks

I went for two walks today.  The first was with my mother and her dog, Teddy.

We went out at 7.00 am onto the municipal golfcourse that surrounds the house.

The sun was just rising and it was very still and beautiful.  Definitely worth the effort.  I don’t get up at 07.00 easily.  It’s just not right.

The rest of my day was spent wading through more family memoribilia, slides, photos, art and newspaper cuttings. I found a few treasures too.

My time here is drawing to a close – I go back home on Wednesday – so I need to get on top of things while I can but I needed a break and while the sun was setting, I went for another walk.

I am perhaps more than a bit obssessed with the trees and their fallen leaves.


We just don’t have trees like this in Shetland.



4 thoughts on “Two Walks

  1. Sam

    Not much can clear one’s mind than a walk in the fallen leaves in autumn. And we all can get enchanted with the landscapes far from home.

  2. Dona

    I grew up in Sacramento, California, “The City of Trees.” I first time I visited Shetland all I could think was where are the trees? I had never seen a place without trees. Shetland is really wonderful, the people, the food, the sheep, even the interesting windy, rainy weather – great for wool knitting… but a few (more?) trees would be nice. 🙂


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