Treatment Started

I messaged our equine physio, Uwe Abendroth, last night and showed him two films of Klængur taken yesterday with Stephen Gardiner, our farrier.  He agreed with Stephen that there was something wrong and suggested hot water bottles on Klængur’s back until he gets to us later next month.

So here we are today beginning this course of treatment.

After a while, I took off the covers…..

And doubled up the towel.

Then I rearranged them a bit.

Klængur was very good about all of my faffing about.  I gave him a haynet which he occasionally nibbled at but mostly he just wanted to talk to me.

We had a lovely time together, chatting.

I even groomed him.

And we took a selfie together!

So that’s us – 30 minutes every day and let’s hope it helps. I have also dug out the arnica cream and some pillules and will apply/shovel down appropriately.  His daily TurmerAid will help as well.

Poor old boy.  If Lilja comes back into season, Klængur will be moving bedrooms (ie another field).

3 thoughts on “Treatment Started

  1. Linda

    I hope the heat is helping him. I have a “stupid” back, and I completely commiserate with him (as I’m sure you do too!)

  2. diane in northern wis

    Sure hope your treatments will help Klængur until Uwe can come in August. Seems like a long time to wait, though. Hopefully he’ll be good as new someday soon! Love the selfie you took!


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