Topping Up on Vitamin D

The sun came out today and it was beautiful.  My OH (Other Half) suggested I sat outside so he put a chair out for me by the sheltered front door whereupon the sun instantly vanished!  I politely suggested he moved the car as I didn’t consider our old Yaris much of a view.


Now this is a view….


Add some horses and, of course, it would’ve been perfect but dogs are almost as good.


Jack pottered out for a pee and a quick hello.  He has aged very quickly since Celt’s death.  It is  difficult seeing him like this.  Celt all over again.  He is completely senile, nearly blind and very deaf too.

IMG_1200 IMG_1199

Loki has settled with us.  He is a strange dog.  He is clever but has no dog-skills.  He doesn’t know how to behave or play other dogs.  That huge bust-up with BeAnne last week has left me very cautious (I am still having problems forgiving him) and I am not sure what makes him tick.  Despite this, Celt was no saint at that age.  Many a bottle of whisky was despatched for his indiscretions but of course we have conveniently forgotten this as we remember him with a fixed halo.


I am still waiting for my Leica to come back from Germany so had to make do with this little ipod camera.  I tried to take, what my children call, a selfie.


My OH came outside for a chat and a coffee.  He even took his feet out for an airing in the unexpected autumn sunshine. I would even go as far as saying I was too hot at one stage hence my hat.IMG_1287 IMG_1292

It is beginning to cloud over now.  There is a storm on its way that will hit us early tomorrow morning.

IMG_1302 Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 16.47.09 Screen Shot 2013-09-14 at 16.55.23

Here are some gratuitous photos of the Shetland ponies, just in case you need your fix….. I do miss them desperately.  I miss the giggling and wicked sense of humour.  Icelandic horses can be rather serious sometimes.

5B4W3749  5B4W6672-36 25Aug09 035-3 BN2A0885 Hopeful Shetland pony colt

3 thoughts on “Topping Up on Vitamin D

    1. Frances Post author

      BozzBozz is very happy. Lots of smiling.
      Arcturus is much loved.
      Both have been to a show and done well considering.
      Very proud of them both. x


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