Today’s Travels

Well, here I am at 06:40 sitting in the departure lounge of Sumburgh Airport.

I am traveling light, taking a couple of good books along with a lifetime supply of chicken and tomato rolls, kindly made by OH before we left home.  Like going on a school trip in the coach, I have already eaten one!

The flight south was fine. It was only an hour long. At one stage I dipped and suddenly felt exhausted so tried unsuccessfully to go to sleep.  This was a new plane and the seats were basic – hard plastic – so that was impossible. The stewardess came round with the trolley so I gave up on my idea of sleep and had a cup of coffee and another chicken and tomato roll instead!

Coming in to Aberdeen.

The plane landed and I was taken by minibus to the hospital.  This is an invaluable service for the northern island patients.

And now I am waiting in the MRI suite for my scan.  I have just noticed the blurb says please do not eat a large meal beforehand.  Now I am wondering if the chicken and tomato rolls count!

Well, that’s my image now magnetically resonated and I have followed the red line to the Outpatient Dept where I am waiting for my next appointment.  I had another 🍗&🍅 roll to give me a boost.

The MRI was fine. I had my usual thoughts of being so fat I would get stuck, not opening my eyes, and trying to sing Barbara Ann by the Beachboys to the machine’s juddering noise.

One physical examination appointment later and now I am off to X-ray. This is not Village of the Damned – there are folk about!

The X-rays were taken and back I go for another consultation.  I was told that I will be discussed along with my X-rays and MRI scan next week at a meeting with the surgical team to see if they can help me.  I am exhausted and now waiting in Out-Patients for the minibus back to the airport.

i am so tired, so very very tired. I can’t go to sleep in case I miss the minibus so I am watching Brideshead Revisited on YouTube.

The minibus came and there was a bit of a panic at the airport – long queues and only one check-in lady but we finally got on the plane.

Home James (or Daisy), and don’t spare the horses.  My bed calls me.  It was a very long day.

11 thoughts on “Today’s Travels

  1. Louise Stopford

    Good luck Frances. Hope you get the answers and relief you are looking for and desperately need. Safe travels!!

  2. Nicki

    Good luck today – MRI like laying in a washing machine full of concrete blocks on full spin !!
    Glad they’re looking after you too and from the airport.

  3. Margaret Robinson

    Great photo and now you just get news that helps and get on the road to recovery!!! Meeting our Scottish friends from North Berwick in London towards the end of the month. Wish you could join us. MMR

  4. Judith Garbutt

    What a long day! I hope you get a better night’s sleep and wake up refreshed. Fingers crossed for the results.

  5. diane in northern wis

    So glad to hear that you made it thru your day Frances! Sure hoping your Docs can come up with something that will help you! Hope you can sleep now at home!

  6. Kris

    Let’s hope good news will follow.

    I was pleasantly surprised to see high back chairs in the waiting room. That makes so much sense, especially for people with orthopedic problems. But I’ve never seen any chairs like that in any medical facility here in the US. One is lucky to get a chair up against a wall where you can rest your head (with jacket or sweater behind for comfort and cleanliness). Once again, we have a lot to learn.


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