To the Beach

It is nice to give the dogs a different walk from their usual route.

Lambing has begun so the beach is a better venue than anywhere with a sheep/lamb combination.


Both the dogs know better than to get involved with anything sheep but it is never wise to test this theory.

So, to Norby beach we went – I go to Sandness every day, anyway, to say what-ho to Esja and Hetja, as well as checking the Shetland ponies, so this time I took my OH and the dogs.


BeAnne is very keen on the beach if toys are included. You rarely find any wood to throw so it is better to bring your own entertainment.


Bless her, BeAnne is my idea of perfect heaven.  She would wipe the floor at Crufts (probably quite literally too with that fur.  It picks up everything!)


It was fairly windy and the waves were hypnotic as they broke and the spray was blown backwards.

BN2A5031 BN2A5061 BN2A5221 BN2A5251

On the way home, we saw the hill ponies.  I had to stop and take photos.  This is when time stands still. I think there have been ponies on the scattald (open hill) ever since Shetland ponies were invented!  They belong in this environment and do very well.


This mare is, I think, very pregnant.  I would guess that she will be brought back to her Stud to foal soon.


There are no actual wild ponies here.  Everyone belongs to someone.


3 thoughts on “To the Beach

  1. Linda Addison

    I love your sea pictures, especially the one where the waves are running up the beach; you hardly ever see pics of that.


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