The Leddie Bebbies

Daisy and I went to see the “Leddie Bebbies” (Lady Babies) as they are known over here.  That would be Gwendolinda, Lyra, Carina and Zoot – our 3yo, 2yo and 1yo fillies.


They are all absolute darlings with very inquisitive minds for my bag and Daisy’s hat (now hanging on the washing line recovering).


What can I say?  Well, I am so glad we kept these girls.  These are the type we always wanted to breed – exemplary temperaments, looks and big, very very big).  All very kind family or show Shetland ponies who don’t have a mean bone in their body.


While Daisy did sterling work, I went around cutting tails that were dragging along the ground.


Carina was going for the dippy-hippy look and wearing moss in her hair.


Vitamin had taken over from our beautiful Velvereta and has assumed the role of herd leader.


She is still a darling and has a quiet dignity all of her own.  The others listen to her and do whatever she says without argument or fuss.


So Daisy and I made a decision – we would de-tatt (unmat) one revolting filly and do whatever we could to something that was less bad.


(It is best to split an arduous task into little tasks – making the job much more approachable.)


I had a quick chat with Fivla as I cut her extra long dragging tail.


She has always been my fairy-tale Shetland pony.


After all her efforts, Daisy was rewarded by a chat from Carina.


Meanwhile, I was Zooted.  She has turned into a huge bebbie-leddie (and/or a giant moose.)


She has turned overnight into a huge bebbie-leddie (and/or a giant moose.)


I still love her, though!

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