The Science (sort of)

Well, I have a better idea of what to do now for Fivla.

I found the foldy-up table and carried it to the feed-shed and set up my “work station”.

I am weighing everything.  All Fivla’s dried food for the day minus 1- 1/2 kg allowance as she is on the track at night.  They would probably tell you at Turriefield, where I pack veg on a Thursday afternoon, that I fairly meticulous on the weighing front.

Then I have my buckets.  Lots and lots of lovely buckets.

I made Fivla a wee pen too, which she hates at the moment, so she can eat her first feed of the morning uninterrupted by the circling vultures.  She is fed little and often, to avoid insulin spikes hopefully – five meals a day.

This morning, I let Vitamin join Fivla and they had a bucket each of soaked fibre-beet, which Vitamin adores and therefore Fivla adores too.  Vitamin guzzled it like a hippo coming up for air occasionally.

The Moral Support Crew are around too and whinny for every bucket Fivla gets of her daily allowance.

Then Fivla goes on the track for the night with everyone (though Vitamin is still in the middle bit with all the grass) and she gets her exercise and the non-existent grass is low in sugar levels.  The others move Fivla along all the time while they search for something to eat.  They also have soaked hay which she chews on and spits out.

So that’s the plan. I am learning all the time. A friend, whose horse is in the same situation, has been invaluable, walking the track with me and helping me devise my plan.

4 thoughts on “The Science (sort of)

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    That sounds like an absolutely brilliant plan It sounds like a good deal of work for you but I guess you’re used to that and they all look happy so that’s that. Thank you for the update.


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