The Right Move

OH and I both agree that yesterday we made the right move to get the Minions home.  Ok, they were unhelpful and it wasn’t easy, but it is good they are home and much easier to manage.

As the weather descended to lumps of snow falling out the sky all morning, I put out more haynets and reminded everyone about sharing nicely or “lovely sharing” as we call it in this house.

The snow is getting deeper and deeper but the ponies are clever and have made deep tracks through the snow, which they all follow one after the other.

The Icelandics are also doing fine. They get two buckets of food and unlimited hay.  No one says they’re cold.  Fluffy coats doing their job.

And I saw Lambie chewing his cud this morning and that really cheered me up.

He even ate his normal breakfast, like a good boy with no mooching it around the bowl and having a speshul moment.

So proud *** sniff ***.

Tonight brings rain and hopefully a thaw.

I think everyone will be glad to see grass wherever they live.

3 thoughts on “The Right Move

  1. Sam

    Perhaps Lambie was unwell due to the weather changes? I know I get sinus headaches when the pressure drops suddenly.


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