The Possibility of Spring?

The snowdrops are thinking about coming out. We are about one month behind everyone else on mainland UK but, for us, this is progress and I love it.

I even noticed the rosa rugosa is making an effort….. the ground is possibly warming up. Spring might be thinking of maybe perhaps being on its’ way, eventually ……  let’s not rush anything.

In celebration of the chance of the hint of spring, I hung my knackered old hi-viz coat out to dry (steady on, let’s not go mad!)

Today the wind has dropped down.

I only mention the wind because Floss and I decided we have at least three weather apps that are set to only talk about wind speed and direction.  This time of year, it is all we are interested in.


Ok, life is hard here in Shetland this time of year but when the sun shines and the wind drops, all is good and everything seems possible.  We have had a very rough couple of weeks recently. We deserve this.


3 thoughts on “The Possibility of Spring?

  1. Suzanne Kelly

    Here’s to a sunny, mild spring asap. As usual, lovely photos. How cheery to see snowdrops on the way for you.

  2. darby callahan

    You deserve some good weather. Nothing even starting to bloom here in New York. Yesterday temperatures almost reached sixty only to wake up today to inches of snow and freezing temps.


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