The Nose Kissey

There are a few types of nose kisseys.

This is Tiddles demonstrating the “top of the nose” kiss.


He will lift his head to be kissed.


Silver and I are demonstrating the “full front nose” kissey.  Notice the preparation – you should keep your hands away.  They are not needed.

L1190784 L1190788

Silver approaches me for the kiss.  I would never go and ask him because that would be rude and an invasion of his space.  If he wants a kiss, he will come and ask politely.  My boys are brung up proper, they are.


Ok, so now we have Hjalti who is a bit of a novice at this but, even so, a nose kissey from Hjalti is the equivalent of a Blessing from El Papa.  Again, note, hands away.


Hjalti likes to touch noses first.


And then in for a full front nose kissey.


Now this is me and Lambie who refused to show anyone that he is the Maestro of Nose Kisseys so I lifted his nose and planted one on him.


But, after my initial smacker, he gives me a kiss back because I am his Mum and I love my Lambie.


Lambster, again, is a novice nose kisser but he is doing his very best to learn our ways.


Again, if I look casual and like I just happen to be in the area, he will come up to me and lift his nose to give and receive a kiss.  He expects one every day.


So that is what I mean by a nose kissey and almost everyone is very good at it except for a few exceptions – Haakon, Iacs, Kappi – I think they are old-school!

👄 💋 👄 💋 👄 💋 👄 💋  💋 👄 💋 👄 💋 👄 💋 👄 💋 👄 💋


7 thoughts on “The Nose Kissey

  1. Terri

    A dissertation on nose kisseys — who could have imagined it?
    And you’re wearing your Thordale Fingerless Mitts! (me too)
    xos from another auntie in the US….

  2. Sam

    You are not nutters! You have taught us non-horse owners the proper way to give and get nose kisseys.
    You can give all of the kiss models a smooch from Connecticut, USA. Does this kissey apply to dogs or male Icelandics? Can we see those demostrations?

    1. Frances Post author

      Dogs are not brilliant at nose kisseys. BeAnne only kisses me if she has really really missed me. She is not a licky dog.

      Male Icelandics – depends really. Haakon only does it if he feels very jealous of someone else having attention.

      I suppose it is something I have taught the new-to-us ponies/sheep, not the old guard.

      Wu does a fab nose-kissey and he started it!


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