The Norway Extraction

Hello everyone, it’s Nick here again. As Frances said yesterday, she’s off for a jaunt to Norway with Daisy so has, in her wisdom (or folly) left me in charge while she is away.

It’s nearly three years since I last posted, commenting on the emergence of spring here in Watford. I believe I’ve introduced you to our menagerie, including the star of the show, Danny (seen here in August, on a trip to Dartmoor):

He is three years old now and has matured into a wonderful companion; friendly, playful, intelligent, and affectionate. He gets on well with (most) other dogs, though he has issues with the short-snouted varieties such as French Bulldogs and Pugs, and loves children, who almost invariably want to stroke him when they see him.

In his current state (he hasn’t had a haircut for a few months now) he is barely recognisable as a dog beneath all that hair, but we brush him regularly and I’m really tempted to keep the fuzz that clings to the brush as it’s as soft as cashmere wool and would make a lovely jumper!

You might also recall Rosie and Cinnamon, our two chickens, from my previous posts. Sadly we have had to say goodbye to Rosie this past week, who developed a tumour on her liver. Cinnamon however is a picture of health, and we are looking into getting another chicken to keep her company. She doesn’t seem too distressed by the loss of her friend but I think it would be fair to give her some more company so we are in contact with someone local who is downsizing their flock. She is still laying on an almost daily basis – there is nothing to compare with a fresh poached egg for lunch.

Then there are the guinea pigs – 10 of them, no less. We brought them inside recently for the cold weather, but as it’s much milder now they will be returned to their outdoor hutches very soon. Archie, on the left, is the patriarch and father to most of the others, and Fergus, on the right, lives with him.

That’s all for now! Tomorrow I’ll tell you about a recent photography trip to the isle of Lewis and Harris, in the Outer Hebrides. This will contain proper photos, not iPhone snaps, as I know Frances has been building me up considerably!

10 thoughts on “The Norway Extraction

  1. Judith Garbutt

    Hi Nick, I hadn’t discovered this blog until relatively recently so hadn’t met your menagerie. What breed is your lovely dog? If you collect enough hair, you’d probably be able to sell it!! I’ll look forward to your next photographs and commentary.

    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Judith – Danny is a cross between a Border Collie and a Bichon Frisé, so an unusual mix. I like to say he has the energy of a Collie and the brains of a Bichon, but that’s a little unfair as he does train well, though not as energetic as a pure Collie. A good walk in the morning (2-3 miles) and a short toilet walk in the evening and he’s happy as Larry.

  2. Terri

    Hi Nick, Thanks for your post and the photos of your menagerie. Sorry about losing Rosie, sniff. I love the Icelandic sweater someone (you perhaps?) is wearing in the photo of Cinnamon. Best wishes from across the pond in Oregon!

    1. Nick Post author

      Hi Terri – good spot, that is indeed an Icelandic sweater, made specially for me by one of my Icelandic friends!

  3. Darby

    so happy to meet your little family. I remember seeing a post of Danny when he was a puppy and her has certainly turned out to be a lovely dog.

  4. Wendy from NY

    That was a fun post! What an odd mix of breeds Danny is, but he turned out to be a really neat looking dog! Why do you have so many guinea pigs? Just for pets? It’s not like you can milk them, or ride them, or gather their eggs…lol! Thanks for filling in!

    1. Nick Post author

      Ha, indeed, you can’t milk them. The reason we have so many is that we put Archie and Lumi (the female) together and they had four babies, so we separated them into boys and girls to prevent further births, but the two ‘boys’ we put with their dad (as identified by the vet) turned out to be girls, hence the additional piggies!

      (When I say ‘we’, I mean of course, Caroline, my partner. I have zero say in these matters!)

  5. Linda

    Hello Nick! Well, I can tell from these photos that it’s going to be a lot fun reading your version of Frances’ blog! What a beautiful boy Danny is, and here’s hoping Cinnamon likes whoever her new friend is to be.

    Looking forward to more pictures!


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