The Many Faces of Evil

No, they are not really the faces of evil, they are the very faces of deliciousness.

Today Storm was sharing the same wisp of hay as Taktur.  They remind me of the two dogs in the Lady and the Tramp eating spaghetti together.


Waffle making a silly face as he eats his hay.


Storm carefully selected some hay….


placed it carefully on Waffle’s head …..


to see if he would wear it which he happily did!


Now this is the very face of handsomeness.


Bored of hay, Storm wandered off to see if there was anything better.


Nah, back to the hay then.


I love Storm’s hay-eating face.  He looks so sweet and loving.


As if he hasn’t really worked out what you do with hay.


Luckily Waffle knows.


Bored again, Storm drifts off to look for more evil doings and finds my pooper-scooper, which is full.  And yes, this is his “what me?” face.  Of course he tipped it all over mostly because I said no!


Waffle was all on his own today. I am not sure what was going on but he was extra cuddly this afternoon and wanted lots of reassurance and nose kisses.  He wasn’t lame and is eating well so perhaps he gave himself a gluff (from the Shetland For Wirds website – n – a fright. I got datna gluff I could hardly spaek😉 and frightened himself somehow.  I am not sure – I will keep an eye.


If you are wondering about Silver, he is on fine form and becoming more confident and easy to work with.  He loathes Loki, though, but is just about managing to talk to BeAnne.


It was a lovely autumn afternoon, cold but still.

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