The Little Boys

So I went and sat in Albie and Newt’s shed to see if they wanted to talk to me.  I haven’t done this with them before – I used to sit indoors with the other Minions but never Albie and Newt.  We were always outside.

It didn’t take long.

(I may have had carrots!)

I sat down on what-I-thought was a clean part of the floor

(I now have a brown patch on my bottom that was pointed out to me upon my return to the house!)

But who cares because the little chaps are lovely.

Mr Fuzzy Butt!

And his friend, Mr Other-Fuzzy-Butt.

The boys wanted to look outside but they didn’t leave me.

Oh, no – the wind was whistling outside.  It was not warm.

Newt decided he wanted to talk to me.

They came and went, taking it in turns to chat.

It was one of those special afternoons.

The little boys are very special.

While I sat on the stable floor, I was walked over a few times but no one trod on me.  I trust them and they trust me.

After an hour, I got up and left them to their own devices.

What better way to spend a Shetland winter afternoon?

Oh yes, changing my pants, trousers and thermals! Perhaps brown stained breeks are not acceptable for tonight’s community choir.

4 thoughts on “The Little Boys

  1. Sam

    Those Fuzzy Butt pictures are wonderful! And if the Community Choir is offended by mucky breeks, then they do not have enough animals to love in their lives.


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