The flowers that bloom in the spring, Tra la!

It is very cold.  Bl***y freezing but the Shetland Spring flowers are finally trying to come out now.

Walls of wild yellow primroses (Primula vulgaris) are lining the banks of my burn.  They are called “Mayflooers” in Shetland dialect.

If it were a bit warmer, I would go and sit down there, keeping Lambie and friends company while they grazed.  Too ruddy cold for me.

I love the primroses but they are very difficult to photograph.  They don’t show up well.

The “blugga” or marsh marigolds (Caltha palustris) are now also putting in an appearance.  These look like overgrown Walt-Disneyesque buttercups but like damp boggy fertilised ground and are a pain as once they take hold, they spread and spread.

In the hill, there are common dog violets (Viola riviniana) who were flourishing, though they are not ejoying the sudden harsh cold wind.

I have had an industrious morning gardening.  Me?  Gardening!  (I am not a gardener at all but this year I have sudden desire to grow some vegetables).

So, OH lugged two empty aluminium feed troughs, filled them with the contents of the muckheap.  I topped them off with compost and sowed peas, rocket, lettuce (I think, I have forgotten now!) and then watched pesky birds feast on my efforts.  So I have added my anti-bird protection and ordered some net tunnels off Amazon!

Daisy and I also tidied up Lambie’s best bedroom so that , once Precious and her mother leave, we can shut the gate and let the patch grow better without random poo and twigs.

The Icelandic ladies are on bewb-watch – nope, not due yet, I think.

And the Shetland ladies have joined Fat Fighters!



7 thoughts on “The flowers that bloom in the spring, Tra la!

  1. Margaret Robinson

    For cold weather, you are a very busy lady outside! Good luck with your garden and of course, the little ones who will arrive shortly. MMR

  2. doris

    It is also cold over here in North Frisia. We just had a few nicer and warmer days, temps in the 10°C – and the tulips are out now! My elder just shoves the leaves…while it already bloomed in Switzerland…

  3. Linda

    Beautiful flowers – a little proof that Spring is here, eh? (But, silly flowers…you’d think they wait until it was warmer.)
    Waiting for the bebbies…

  4. Darby

    Happy to hear that Precious and Mom are doing well. Here in the Eastern US we are having a cold spring as well.


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