The Dear Old Man

Dear old Haakon.  I saw him having a little sit by himself a few day’s back.  He has his daily TurmerAid and then at around 10.30 he sits down to enjoy the peace and quiet of his life.

Of course I happened to have a carrot about my person and his ears twitched forwards – he always knows.  While he was sitting down, I noticed his hooves needed trimming.

So, this afternoon, I went up to find him.  The little herd were all waiting for me…. at the top of the hill obviously!

I love the way they all stood in an equally spaced row.  From L-R – Lilja, Sóley, Klængur, Iacs and Haakon.  I took Haakon out of the field and we walked companionably together across to where the feet trimming stuff was.  He was very stiff in his backs (holding them up was difficult) but really he is just the same horse as he has ever been in his head.  We had a good chat.

I hope Haajon’s enjoying his well-deserved retirement.  He looks good on it for 27.


3 thoughts on “The Dear Old Man

  1. Judith Garbutt

    You wouldn’t come near to guessing his age from those photographs, Frances – a real credit to your care.


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