The Annual Craft Fair

I haven’t been to the annual Shetland craft far or a while so I thought I would pop by.

There was a huge variety of stalls offering a wide range of amazing crafts.

Basically, my task was do some Christmas shopping.

I succeeded on a few things but really I just saw stuff I wanted for me.  Just me.  No one else.  Like this terrier.

The fried egg plates (swoon) and the beautiful wild egg plates (OMG! – want, want, want). 

Everyone was crafting.  Gloves – can I have too many?  I particularly wanted the one on the model hand.  Loving the striped cuffs.

Lots of useful stuff. 

There was a good Christmas feel and theme.

These clever puffins caught my eye.

Fair Isle clothes pegs – who knew?

These wall pieces were incredible.


Being Shetland, there was knitting.

And weaving.

Shetland folk are so clever. 

These nip glasses were wonderful. I seriously hankered after just one.

There could’ve been more of a sheep theme going on, but perhaps it was good this picture was already sold – I may have no more actual hanging space for any pictures.  Ceilings?  Can you put pictures on ceilings?

Chocolate with gin – all my favourite food groups.  Nuff said.

Beautiful Hardanger fiddles – a traditional eight string instrument that originates from Norway.

Exquisitely decorated and played beautifully.  I stayed and listened.

So much to look at.

Wow – this picture is just wow! 

This tree made me smile.  Perfect for the minimalist Christmas.

















Awesome Fair Isle. I need those Fair Isle socks and maybe the gloves with the matching hat.











I adored this pony, though I have fields of the buggers. I don’t need another one (I told myself).













Naturally dyed wool – and I am going to have a card weaving lesson!

We all wanted something.


There was just so much to want.







9 thoughts on “The Annual Craft Fair

  1. Terri

    Oh my goodness, the Rainbow Magic Unicorn Horn! (hopefully you bought two, one for each daughter)
    There sure is a lot of creativity going on in Shetland! (thanks be to long winters)

  2. Linda

    What a great collection of such beautiful items! There are some really (really) talented people there!
    (I loved that picture of the sheep, too…)

  3. Margaret Robinson

    We obviously either didn’t stay long enough, or visited too soon. What a wonderful craft fair. And no, you don’t “need” anymore ponies, but this one could be like Lambie and come inside your home.

  4. diane in northern wis

    What a wonderful sale. Wish I had been there too. I saw a few things that I would have liked to buy! Thanks for sharing all the great pics of it!


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