Sunday Portraits

I haven’t seen the Minions for ages.  That doesn’t mean they haven’t been checked daily – just not by me.  So today I took my big camera to see the little sossages.

They were all on top form and very pleased to see me.  I liked to think they missed me – though, probably not as Floss was always there with her bag of carrots.

Storm, as always was first up.  He is a handsome chap (I write reaching for the thesaurus realising I have now got to come up with eight different descriptions that basically say the same thing!)

Tiddles was having his good forelock day.

Silver looked like he had swallowed-a-button!

Vitamin is under all that hair.  Really, she is.  Although she is starting to go grey around her face, she is still the boss.

Even Newt was being nice today.  Who is Muzzah’s handsome little woolly yak?!

And look how Albie has blossomed.  Into such a pretty lad.

Waffle chose to wear his food.  Perhaps it was camouflage.

And lastly, darling Fivla – the most gentle, kindest Grande Dame of them all.

After the “school photo”, we told the ponies to stop milling around and to get up the hill to look for better grazing.

There was bouncing.

Some hassling.

Endless sniggering.

Like little school boys, they can’t just do what they’re told sensibly.

Eventually they cantered off, annoying each other as they went.

And were last seen heading up the hill.

It is always good to see these little chaps. I had missed them.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Portraits

  1. Linda Loba

    Fivla looks like she’s missing a unicorn horn – how sublime she looks…

    Alvie, Newt, Silver, Tiddles and Storm all look like they got a comb-out before you took their pictures!
    Yes, I think that is the best I’ve seen Tiddle’s forelock (maybe the wind was blowing in the right direction?)

    And they’re all SO CUTE in the long shots. Thank you Frances!

  2. Wendy from NY

    I have always wondered how you knew that Silver was going to be that when he grew up. He was as dark as Waffle way back when, wasn’t he?

  3. Sam

    “Muzzah’s hairy yak” – has me snorting with laughter. And Albie looks very dashing. Thanks for the pictures and descriptions.


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