Storm Ahead

We have a Force 10 storm approaching – this time tomorrow we will be in the worst of it.  I cannot guarantee a blog then.  We will see if the electricity lasts.

With this impending doom, we made the executive decision to move everyone to our “storm field” – the one with good shelter and some nice sprigs of green grass.

Daisy decided to lead Taktur, Flossie “boofed” the stragglers and I opened the gate and shouted helpfully.

No one needed asking twice.

The herd set off happily.

They all, to a horse, knew which field we wanted them to go in.

All except one.  Daisy let Taktur go as he told her knew where he was going.  She believed him but watched dismayed as he then managed to miss the huge wide open gate in front of him and head off in the wrong direction down the side of the wrong field.

Then Taktur got into a panic when he realised what he had done but luckily didn’t attempt to jump the fence.  Our Icelandic horses don’t know how to jump and if they do, tend to take whole fences with them.  Always a disaster.

Taktur is not the brightest star in our firmament.

Even if he is the most handsome.

But he was very happy (read relieved) when he found the others.

Taktur and Efstur went off racing around the field.  Goodbye horseshoes.

(I told you they don’t know how to jump)

Efstur showed us what a superb and floaty trot he has, even in a rug.

Haakon looked on with vague interest.  He remembered the days when he used to gallop about like an idiot.

And now we will all wait for the storm to arrive.

The hatches are battened down and maybe the storm will go in another direction at the last minute.  It has been known to happen.

13 thoughts on “Storm Ahead

  1. celeste

    Ah, Taktur, my love, I don’t care if your brain is not a beautiful as the rest of you. Just makes you more human…i mean…you know what I mean. Good luck surviving tomorrow’s storm, hope everyone stays warm dry and well fed. Furry as well as non-furry animals.

  2. Cathy

    You are certainly in for a wild day tomorrow. Stay safe, especially those who have to be outside and not snuggled down somewhere under a duvet ….. BeAnne and Monster, you know who I mean!

  3. Linda Loba

    Hope you ride out the storm with minimum damage, and safety for ALL.
    I wonder if the horses know instinctively that the storm is coming? (Well, maybe not all of them…)
    It’s the less brilliant ones who need our help the most, right?

  4. Terri

    Couldn’t stop laughing about the poor Handsome Prince…and then the photos of of the non-jumpers jumping! Stay safe and warm and well-fed, one and all!
    PS The wind blew so hard here (Pacific NW) last night, I thought it was going to blow one of the Douglas firs onto our roof!

    1. Frances Post author

      Not really restless. Though this morning I noticed them all spread out eating happily as the storm was building up. Just back from checking the Minions (2 hours later) and they have all, to a horse, found the best most-sheltered spot and are hunkering down in a group while we get through the worst.

      Sheep have gone to bed – nuff said.


  5. diane in northern wis

    All the best to you and your critters in the coming storm. May everything be easier than forecast and hopefully no problems will arise. We are expecting a storm tonight too with 8 inches of snow and wind. May we all end up just fine!


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