Spending Time With Foals

I am spending more time with my foals these days.  Now is the window into their little souls when human contact is a good thing.

They are ready to listen and at least with Dreki, we have begun our headcollar routine.

While I work for a few minutes at the most with Dreki every day feeding him a carrot and casually putting on a headcollar, kissing his nosey and taking it off again, I am also getting to know the actual horse inside.

Dreki is turning into a serious little chap who doesn’t want to run away.

His curiousity is stronger than his fear now.

On the other hoof, his sister, Lilja, is a completely different bucket of carrots.

Divinely sweet and pretty, Lilja is has a small pea-size brain that rattles emptily around in her head.

Perhaps not the brightest star in our firmament, Lilja would like to never grow up and always be treated like the Princess she thinks she is.

We are still not forgiven for moving her (and her herd family) to the new field.

At the time, Lilja took a huge personal affront at this decision.

She would tell you that she may never get over the stress of going into the van.

And I doubt, if Lilja has her way, if we will ever move her again – according to Lilja.

The way Lilja is behaving these days, I am inclined to believe her!

Ho hum – plenty of time to work on her speshul skills!

6 thoughts on “Spending Time With Foals

  1. Sam

    Ha, ha – speshul skills indeed! I guess Miss High & Mighty needs to be reminded who is really the boss! And that would be the human with the carrots. Love her derpy close-ups.

  2. Judith Garbutt

    I have no doubt that the rather gorgeous young lady will grow up to be very special. Hopefully she’ll just be a late developer and will prove that she does have brains! Even if she doesn’t, she’ll get by on her looks!!

  3. diane in northern wis

    Love your pictures today, Frances. Both foals are so beautiful in their own ways. I always enjoy your pictures of these two beauties!


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