Sorting Out Rugs

The Autumn storms are on the horizon for Shetland and everyone (equine) is happily living outside, which is the best place to be and definitely their choice.

But the last time it rained a few days ago, I found Tiddles shaking and dithering even when it was double digits of temperature.  What to do?  Yes, I want him, and the others to lose weight, but shivering it off, is that the kindest way?  And I do want everyone to grow their winter coat.  What to do?

I have a shed-load (quite literally) of rugs of all different sizes, all neatly stacked and put away so, like a thing possessed, I went through them all to find everything that will fit a variety of Shetland ponies, even Newt.

Tiddles came into the stable with me and I tried various rugs on to see what size he was so, if he starts shivering, I can quickly grab the right-sized rug for him.

This was ok, if a little snug when pulled forward.

This was good but he doesn’t need a neck cover, I don’t think.

And this was perfect. I have two of these.  I think Tiddles’ pile will also fit Albie, Storm, Waffle and possibly Fivla too.  Silver and Vitamin are in bigger sizes and Newt the smallest one I have.

So now I alternate between thinking I am being too soft and shivering is natural but the Minions go all dithery and can’t think straight. I hate seeing that.  There is relatively little shelter in their field/paddock too.  So I think I have talked myself into rugs for those that shiver and dither when it rains.

6 thoughts on “Sorting Out Rugs

  1. Judith Garbutt

    I think that’s a good plan, Frances. It’s hard to stay ‘tough’ when faced with a shivering pony, particularly when it’s cold, wet and windy. It’s not so bad when it’s just one of those bits of weather but two or three together make for miserable ponies.

    1. Frances Post author

      Thank you, Judith. I think you”re right. There’s not much shelter in their track and if they need that bit extra by rugging, then I will. Such a difficult call, though, as up here they’re meant to be “hard”.

  2. Suzanne Kelly

    Thank you for this lovely pony fashion show. How deep they all look in their jackets.
    And that sky Is absolutely gorgeous

  3. Kathleen Woolley

    Hi Francis, You are doing the right thing in my mind, they are also not getting any younger. Best of luck with the gales……


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