Some Days

Occasionally, and it is rare I will admit, there are some days when I look at the horses and think “No, maybe not today”.


And we don’t ride.


Just leave them well alone to calm down and sort themselves out.


Today was such a day.


Everyone was in rather a silly mood and Daisy and I, while brave, are not stupid.


So, instead, we went to watch Jo and Robert fly their Harris Hawks on the hills in Sandness.


It was a pissy awful day but I still managed to take a few snaps of these incredible raptors.


As you can see, Vi and Freyja are off their creances and flying free.  A remarkable achievement as well as me learning some of the terminology (get me!)


The wind was not helpful so we tried to find more sheltered spots for them to fly without being dragged off.


Despite the weather, I enjoyed taking the photos and to watch them soar so cleverly in the gusts.

BN2A4251 BN2A4309 BN2A4352 BN2A4353

Anywho, let’s hope for a less silly day tomorrow and Daisy and I can go riding again.  Birds is nice and all that but they isn’t ‘osses and you can’t hug them apparently.  They don’t like that.



1 thought on “Some Days

  1. Linda

    Gorgeous birds those are (and nice photos of them!) but I’m with you; I want an animal I can hug and snog…


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