So very tired


I am very tired *** sigh ***.  I need immense strength just to stay upright today and I don’t seem to be able find it.  Everything, even the smallest thing, is a chore.  A huge ginormous hurting chore.


My two mile walk was hell.  A beautiful day with beautiful views and I struggled. I struggled to see any beauty. I have given up bending down because I couldn’t get back up and that scared me so I am looking upwards now.

The island in the photo is Foula, btw, not Fair Isle, though I did once tell a gullible tourist it was Manhattan.  I think it was after they had asked where Icelandic horses came from. 

IMG_8673 IMG_8678 IMG_8686 IMG_8684

I even met a sheep.  We scrutinised each other closely but the conversation was somewhat lacking.


I took a photo of my shadow because I thought I looked like one of The Beatles in the Yellow Submarine with my long legs.


And the similarity ends there.  All I don’t need is Love.  All I need is my back and legs to work again.  I am very fed up.  Today, I have run out of steam.  I sent off my ranting email to the NHS – nothing will change and I doubt anything will be done.  They (the NHS) don’t understand.  Not like Klængur does.


I am sorry for the depressing post today.  I think it is a result of actually writing everything down and seeing just how ridiculous my life looks from the outside.


Once the girls go back, I am going to concentrate on my pre-op diet.  Like BeAnne, I only have to look at an éclair….!


Someone kick me up the arse – I’ll start looking for worms to eat next!


7 thoughts on “So very tired

  1. Michelle

    I should think worms would be a very good pre-op diet food – lots of protein and fiber and probably low-carb. 😉

    Love your photos and don’t mind your ranting a bit. My dad has had two back surgeries so I have nothing but sympathy and admiration for anyone who deals with that level of constant, daily pain!

  2. Cate

    Rant away, Frances. Just wish we could do more to help than listen. Love that first pic in particular, and the cheerful coppery gleam of Klaengur. And thanks for enlightening me—I had pictured Foula as a tiny rock, but it looks quite sizable.

  3. Sam

    Rant and rant some more. Given what you go thru to even see a doctor, you have the right to be steamed and ready to blow. I would be. So thank you for sharing your part of heaven with those of us across the pond.

  4. Suzy Wood


    This is the first time I have visited your site. I am sorry that you are having a tough day. However your photos are delightful! My favourite is the first one of the chestnut pony.

  5. Rockytopsis

    I don’t mind your ranting and raving, I am so very sure that I would not be near as nice and productive as you are. I do love looking at your photos and am wishing I had your eye for snapping things.

  6. Melissa

    I am in awe of the way you continue to produce and share such incredible photos during such a physically challenging time. Your imagery makes my imagination take delight and soar. I laugh and share your delightful and unique stories with my husband. Your visual stories go well beyond the simple text that accompanies them. You live an incredible life, with amazing relationships, in an astonishing place. Thanks for sharing with someone in tropical Australia.


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