Small Ponies

I went out a few days back with my big camera to snap away at the Minions.  They can be very photogenic when they want to be.

Little Newt – he has a Russian accent – he just does.  When you meet him, it fits.

He also has a very distinguished profile.

Special Silver – always standing a little bit away but never forgotten. To be loved by Silver, means you need him and he understands this.

All-Grown-Up Albie – he is my special boy.  I am his Mum (and so is Flossie). He follows us everywhere asking if we could hug him, please.

Wonderful Vitamin – a grande dame and the matriarch mare of the herd.  They follow and listen to her wisdom.

And that is one beautiful beard for an old lady!

She has a lovely glint in her eyes too.

Storm has his Suspicious-Aloysius face today!  Who knows what goes on in that pea-sized brain of his. Very little probably or world domination plans. You guess.

Flossie’s darling Fivla, also known as Fivvie Chicken, who is also an old lady now.  She has been practising to be an old lady ever since she was young.  She has one speed – slow or stop.

And lastly our Tiddles – who is the best kisser ever.  His nosey is very sweet.  Actually all of Tiddles is incredibly sweet.

Waffle had his own page a few blogs back.

5 thoughts on “Small Ponies

  1. Sam

    Storm “borrowed” Newt’s Overly Large Book of Revenge and is staying up late to read it. Love the pictures of this bunch.

  2. Linda Kirk

    Great photos.
    Storm is planning….something bad, definitely.
    Fivla has such a kind expression and I’ve always thought Vitamin’s eyes were expressive and knowing. I’m projecting but it’s what I feel looking at them.


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