Firstly, I should apologise to Madge because I have no photos of her.  She just wasn’t in a very photogenic mood and wouldn’t stay around long enough for me to take a pic of her.

So we will start with Harrel-the-Barrel and he is very much a barrel.  I spend my days trying to keep him off the chicken and duck food, which he most certainly doesn’t need to eat despite his best efforts to steal it and he is one determined sheep.

Then there is ‘Ster, who remains utterly hopeless at following anyone into the field.  The lights are on and no one is at home.

Ditto Lambie.  Not a brain cell there just grinning hopefully.

Everyone is in desperate need of shearing but it is just too cold or wet.  Having said that, shivering could lose some weight.  Just sayin’.

Now Maggie is a clever cookie.  She is attentive and always around.  This might be where Harrel gets his ability to apparate out of nowhere whenever I feed the ducks and hens.

And then darling Edna.  Who knows here age (someone does), but she keeps on keepin’ on with no teeth and huge amount of will power.

Edna is beginning to lose her wool – probably a sheep who could be easily roo’ed (plucking their wool out) but I mostly just pull out the revolting trailing bits when I can.

And lastly, but absolutely not leastly, ‘Bert who is his usual dude self.  Such a dear soul.

And now I feel guilty I didn’t get a photo of Madge.

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