Running in for Breakfast

First thing, I go out to the field that the three oldies, (Haakon, Iacs and Klængur) and shout!

Did you see Haakon bucking, right at the beginning?  I love this. It makes me smile and realise that Haakon, although perhaps never going to be ridden again, is happy and pain-free in his retirement and that is all I want for him.

(the morning sun just beginning to make an appearance on the horizon – it is about 08.45)

Iacs of course is not helpful.  That’s not his way. It’s like the scene with the elephants in the Jungle Book.

My buckets were duly distributed and yes, Iacs and Klængur swapped, argued and then tried to get Haakon’s.  They pretty much get the same food but Haakon has TurmerAid and Devil’s Claw which, as you can see, is doing much good.  Boing, boing!

Daisy (home for Christmas) was on guard and the double-prong attack stood no chance.  There were words!

And then we put out their piles of hay which they stood in a polite row and ate until Iacs walked through, threatening to pee in it. He likes to do that *** sigh ***.  More words, now shouted from over the fence.  He is such a gallumph.

This is the sunset a few nights ago.

Shetland is very beautiful this time of year.

I went for a ride later on in the morning. It was fabulous.  All is good.

3 thoughts on “Running in for Breakfast

  1. Gail Lawson

    Love seeing these older ones eager and feeling good! And yes, why do some have to pee in fresh Hay? It’s just to right, but still they do it.


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