We’ve all gone rug mad here at Thordale!

Rugs, rugs, and more rugs.


Well, Storm now has his big-boy winter rug on with neck piece attached as we are in the middle of 36 hours of non-stop rain and wind.

I knew it was going to be bad so when he was eating his big-boy food, I changed his rugs over.  Darling little boy, he might be on a good day but I am sorry to report that Storm threw all his teddies out of the cot and had a tantrum at me.


He snatched at me – and, yes I felt teeth, and he tried to kick over his bucket in frustration when I told him to stand still.  All because I wanted to take off one rug and put on a better one.


We had words and he stamped his little hooves in rage.  I was shocked but laughing at the same time.  It was a darling little tantrum.  Sort of fitted him perfectly!


Anyway, I won, so that is all that matters and I am sure he is secretly, if grudgingly, grateful that I achieved this before the bad weather arrived.


Being the nice person I am, I have been watching the herd from the window of my warm house and noted that at one stage Storm had an Icelandic horse flanking each side of him so he had some shelter while he ate.  They are very kind to him.


OH bravely took Loki out for a run this afternoon and said the horses and ponies were standing in the only part of the field where the wind couldn’t get them, happily stuffing their faces.

Horses are not stupid about weather.


5 thoughts on “Rug-mania!

  1. Linda K

    Ungrateful wretch. I’m sure he’s loving it though, it looks sooo cosy and he’ll be a toasty warm boy.
    He might be looking a little contrite in the 5th photo.

  2. roberta earley

    Aren’t they funny when they try it on. We had one, but it was at the beach Frazer, had a melt down……..we had been walking in his knee deep water, and he had had enough. Tanty time. He is is probably like Storm, going through the terrible 2’s

  3. SVicino

    ohhh, poor little boy thought you were taking away his warm rug, then was really happy when he got a better one. Yeah!!!

  4. Terri

    He’s such a darling pony — at least he has an opinion and “speaks his mind,” although I’m sorry you felt teeth. (He looks rather sad in photo 5.) Nice of the others to gather ’round him in the field. KInd indeed. The last photo makes me glad I’m not there! (but beautiful) Stay warm and dry!


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