I need to rest.  It is official.  The more I do, the worse I feel.  So we are not going out and I am trying to delegate, ignore or just leave whatever alone.  I am not very good at this.  Jack is very good at this!


Celt is worrying me greatly.


I found him sitting very oddly when we went for a little potter this afternoon.  It was as if his back legs didn’t work.  He couldn’t get back up by himself but I managed to haul him up onto his legs and we went home after the dogs had done their business.  I pray to God he was blown over by the strong wind, or a one-off, or something that is never going to happen again but…….I am not hopeful tbh. He is so old and so rickety.


So I didn’t get over to Clothie to feed Taktur (there is no one I can delegate this task to). I feel bad about that.  Everyone is fine over there.


When I called the dogs to come home, the horses all heard and came running over, so I felt even more guilty.  The weather is vile – in fits and starts of huge wind and rain.  I just don’t have the strength today.  Maybe tomorrow.


Anyway, some are happy to keep me company with my enforced resting.


There is the odd look of disapproval at any visitors.


But the visitor is gorgeous.  Mootie – a Yorkshire terrier puppy.  I was terrified Wussums would eat her.  To Wuss, Mootie would be a light snack!


Her Maj took up sulking because Mootie was a hundred times cuter.


Mootie means tiny or very small in Shetland dialect 

4 thoughts on “Resting

  1. Trish

    So lovely to be reading your blog again and hearing your news! Keep up with the resting – it’s good for you!

  2. Martine

    Never mind the back pain etc, you’re probably knackered after the general anaesthetic… last one I had wiped me out for days. I know it’s really hard doing nothing when you’re used to being active, but it must be done… best of luck staying still.

  3. Sam

    Glad to have you back, tired or not. Miss BeAnne is miffed you were away in the first place. Wussums made it worse being a hot water bottle cat. Okay – the puppy probably sent BeAnne over the edge. But us readers across the pond, wish you a full and speedy recovery!


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