Poor Monster

The dog walk started badly for Monster.  He really wanted to come too, with the dogs and me over to Clothie – my 5 acre croft that is a little way over the open hill, where Lambie was having a bit of a sit and a morning cogitate.

That well known phrase or saying “The lights are on, but no one is home” – well, that’s Lambie.  He was looking pretty vacant.

But there were also hill sheep around and they were curious about in this whiney small white Panther.  There were words and hissing.

And even some swiping with a paw.  The sheep backed off and Monster made a hasty retreat to the safety of home.

Meanwhile, the rest of us had already reached Clothie and I could hear the whining even from there.

After a while, sheep being sheep, they got bored and gave up hassling Monster, so he made his “speedy” but careful way over to where we all were.

Yup, I could hear the whining getting closer, every step.

Once arrived, I had to make a fuss of Monster and tell him just how wonderfully brave and intrepid he had been.

We had a nice walk. The dogs galloped about, hunted and had fun and then we wended our way home again, whereupon Monster was followed again, but this time by one chicken and some rather hopeful ducks!

These days, I think he feels persecuted.

3 thoughts on “Poor Monster

  1. Julia

    We also have an ahem, larger cat, and we’re also constantly affirming how brave and intrepid he is!

    I won’t mention that tissues and plastic Saran Wrap are on his list of things he’s terrified of!

  2. Jacqueline

    I love your story weaving. I hope it keeps you amused all day as you find situations appropriate.


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