Poor BeAnne

My poor little BeAnne has had a lump removed from under the skin on her jaw yesterday.  It was a cyst that kept filling up with fluid, despite being regularly emptied with needle and syringe.  So I booked her in at the vets and they got rid of it under a general anaesthetic.  Needless to say, I was a complete nervous-nellie about the whole thing and I am very glad to have her back.  They wouldn’t let me stay and hold her paw either (probably just as well) though I did get to stay with her and hug her while she had her pre-med.


Walks are on a lead for a while and she hates her “lampshade” collar but it has to stay on in case she rips her stitches out scratching at the inconvenience.


Flossie said she looked like one of the Pixar animation lamps – ahem!

IMG_9543 Pixar-Lamp

Meanwhile, the washing machine is on overtime as I catch up from my weekend away and start to think about my next foray south – to hospital on Sunday.

I am well aware of all the clocks in my life ticking whilst getting louder and louder.  I am trying to ride everyday because as from Sunday, that will be it for at least 3 months.


I expect Haakon will be very relieved, though.


Floss and I went into the field this afternoon.  She sweetly offered to be my new groom for the next few days and likes the boys, especially Klaengur.  It is lovely to watch as she is not really a “horsey person”.


She caught Haakon for me …


…. and even picked out his feet when I asked her.  This is not a favourite job as she is used to uncooperative Shetland ponies so was rather surprised when Haakon just held them up for her one at a time without being asked.  He knows the drill.


I always offer Flossie a ride and she always says rather sheepishly “perhaps another time”.  I would love to see her ride but would never force her.


Everyone is fine.  I am trying to make the most of my horsey-fix every day as I can hear that clock ticking and then there will be nothing.  I can’t even see them from my bedroom window.


5 thoughts on “Poor BeAnne

  1. Cate

    Wishing you all the best, and hugs too, if that’s not too weird from a stranger! Your blog has given me so much enjoyment over the past wee while—thank you. Take care and be well. 🙂

  2. Karen

    Hope BeAnne behaves and can therefore lose the lampshade quickly. Perhaps your OH could rig up an angled mirror in the bedroom so that you can at least see your ‘boys’ through the window. Small compensation for not being able to ride but….

  3. Celeste

    We will all be wishing you well during your surgery and recovery. I know it is a very long time but I’m sure all the horses will wait patiently for you.

  4. Sam

    We call that “The Cone of Shame” across the pond. Glad to hear BeAnne is better. Keeping my fingers crossed on your surgery. Any chance of switching bedrooms to where one can get a horse visit thru a window? Or maybe someone tip-toeing in for a carrot???


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