Pocket Rockets

After the boredom of trying on their winter rugs, I let the Minions run round the school for fun and to stretch their legs.

They love playing liberty ponies and we do this whenever they are in the school.


I popped a pole down to see what would happen.


I often seen the Minions jumping the ditches when they are playing in their field so I know they like jumping.


Look at Tiddles’ earnest little face (Storm went round!)


They jumped the pole a couple of times with huge enthusiasm.


They preferred this rein and jumped as if the pole was a jump from a Puissance Class at HOYS – a competition where the fences are raised for each round.  The current indoor record is for  2.40 m (7 ft 10 in) so the Minions have a little way to go.


Dear little boys.


And then I made a little jump – just one bucket high.  Nothing huge.


Of course, I let them walk the course.


It is very important when show-jumping because they need to work out the striding to the jump.  Usually it is the rider who does this.


And then off they went….




They flew!


….. until they all, to a pony, worked out they could go round without much effort!


Typical little Shetland ponies – always finding the easiest way round.

Still, they had the best fun and it was wonderful to watch.


My flying Minions.  The little pocket rockets.

✈️ 👐 🚀 💓 ✈️ 👐 🚀 💓 ✈️ 👐 🚀 💓 ✈️ 👐 🚀 💓 ✈️ 👐 🚀 💓

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7 thoughts on “Pocket Rockets

  1. jan

    Your blog is such a tonic. I love the determination in their faces and their little legs tucked under. Brilliant, just brilliant.

  2. Linda

    Just look at how much fun they’re are having! Good exercise and some intuitive reasoning to boot (going around the “high” jump)…a wonderful group of boys!!!

  3. Judith Garbutt

    They are just so adorable and there were some very stylish jumps! Vote has been cast. Hope you’re as successful as last year. You deserve to be for all your wonderful photographs but mainly for the care you give your herd! xx

  4. Carol Wood

    They look so cute!!! I must show this to Apollo in the morning – he’ll be so impressed NOT!!!!

    I love reading your blog – you often cheer me up when my day has gone badly, so, Thank you for that 🙂

    My vote has gone in!!!

  5. Carol Morley

    Amazing to see them jumping! Vote cast for you and good luck. I ‘save’ reading your blog till the morning because it’s such a good start to my day.


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