I have been trying to take photos of the youngsters to update the Thordale website as I realise it is looking rather shabby and out of date.  Do folk look at websites these days or are they very last year?

Today, Daisy and I went out to take pics of Lilja, etc.

There was help while Lilja was being positioned.

And then Hetja was in the way.

I have settled on this photo which does not nearly show just what a lovely mare Lilja is.

She is such a genuine lady.

So loving, easy and kind.  Every home should have a Lilja.

Little Herself, aka Sóley the Foalie, stopped for a minute so I could take a nice pic.  She is ever changing.

Hetja stayed well away. I want a better photo of her but when she has lost her pregnancy body.

It was a spectator sport.

So Efstur has not been photographed since he was a foal.  He is just coming out of his 3 year old giraffe phase and has grown/filled out hugely this summer.

Efstur is Daisy’s potential dream horse.

And then lastly, Taktur looking a bit gorgeous.  It has been a while since I have put up a recent pic of him.

So off to work on the website now.  How do I write gorgeous, lovely, kind in many different ways to describe everyone?


6 thoughts on “Photobombing

  1. Sam

    handsome, breath taking, stud muffin, Manly Man – to name a few….love the Spectators all lined up at the fence.

  2. Kerry

    Wow! Its like the Mount Olympus of the Icelandic Horse world – what an amazing panoply you have there.

    And fully agree re Lilja – she captured my heart on first meeting, I think if every home had one, world peace and calm would be restored.

    And yes, I will put up my hoof to still looking at websites….but then I’m just not so last year but positively last century so that is most certainly not a recommendation.

  3. Celeste

    Taktur is still my favorite but oh my Lilja is gorgeous! You have the most beautiful family ever! And yes I still look at websites

  4. Judith Garbutt

    They’re all looking so well, Frances! The foalie is going to be a beautiful colour when she loses her baby fluff!

  5. diane in northern wis

    absolutely gorgeous pics Frances. From one right down to the other. Most amazing animals. You should be so very proud of all the elegance and beauty abounding at your place!

  6. May

    They look gorgeous!

    The website is important for all the information someone who’s serious about getting a horse would want to see and to demonstrate that it’s a professional business, but it helps your marketing to appear on other social media sites (like your FB). It wouldn’t take much to create a Pinterest page linking to/from the website, as you can reuse your terrific photos that you’ve already posted.


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