Pepper’s Friends

I saw these three sheltering from the north wind when I was on the dog walk.

They were all looking very *** cough *** well (I am almost thinking FAT, but I shall stop that now and tell myself they need all the calories they can stuff in for when winter arrives, which is not that far away now).  Any minute now I shall bemoan the fact we have no grass and it is very cold.

But for now I have three heffalumps in a row and possibly another potential album cover.

On the way home – I went to check the far gate into the open hill was firmly shut – Pepper was straight over to sit with Haakon.

I could not love this picture more.  All my most favourite “people”.

My theory is that Pepper likes the horses’ soft wuffly noses gently sniffing and nudging her.

And then Pepper plonked herself down next to Iacs to admire the view and chat about life, the universe, everything.  They look such a happy group together.

And no, no one ever kicks because that would be downright rude and also very unneighbourly.   Pepper trusts her friends and they trust her.

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