Outside is Best

Monster is very happy outside.

He loves it and follows us happily around the croft chatting all the way.  In fact he is rarely silent.

He has an “enquiring mind”.

This time of year we have lots of birds (mostly starlings) nesting in the drystone walls and old sheds.

They are clever and know the buildings and their set-up well.  They have always nested carefully.

Monster is very unsuccessful on the bird-front.  It is not for the lack of trying, though.

The downside of Monster is that he still wants to Rule the World or at least BeAnne.  She is enjoying the helpless victim role and playing it to the Gods.  Monster sits and waits for her sometimes springing out in pretend rage.  Then BeAnne quivers and has to be rescued from the savage beast and promptly given love, attention and a possible bravery treat.

I sort of feel we are all being played here.

But outside is a huge success and has helped WW3.  I have explained that apart from loving us, Monster has to make BeAnne his friend.  Liittle steps.

Monster says he will work on this special skill….. later, one day.  He’s a bit busy now.

Btw, we are thinking of changing Monster’s name to Vlad!


7 thoughts on “Outside is Best

  1. Sam

    So Monster is not the best at scouting bird nests – that is fine. Maybe he isn’t totally in love with BeAnne right now – that can improve. But he has not run off – great! He is charming – great! He hasn’t completely ignored BeAnne – there may be some collision at work here. Dare we hope BeAnne is not longer pining away?

    1. Frances Post author

      BeAnne has found out how to eat again, which is a huge relief. She can choke down a few calories to keep body and soul together. We are forever grateful. x

  2. Terri

    The problem with calling him Monster is that he doesn’t look the least bit montrous. In fact, he’s a really pretty cat! He certainly has made himself at home at Thordale, both inside and out. (And, yes, I think you may be being played by the new Power Couple, BeAnne and Mon/Vlad.) Glad to hear BeAnne is on the upswing!


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