Our Very Own Whirling Dervish

Yesterday, Pepper ate everything put in front of her with huge enthusiasm. Today she said “no thank you” and walked away.   However, if Monster was taking an interest and wanting her food too, then she would pick away.  She is definitely a grazer.  But if Pepper doesn’t eat, I worry.  I gave her some probiotic paste and have spent the day trying to get any calorie down her.  Tomorrow is another day, I tell myself on the food front.

I read that if your puppy is bouncing around and looking perfectly healthy, then she is probably ok.

Monster will confirm that Pepper has done nothing but bounce all day, mostly at him.

I do love it when they are together – I get a warm fuzzy feeling (probably from standing in a little pee puddle then!)

Of course we are all now Pepper’s devoted slaves.  What else can we be?  There is no choice.

I think Monster is the only one in the house she listens to.

He complains a lot (we hear you, Monster!)

Pepper is a very happy puppy who believes the word “no” has nothing to do with her, in any way.

Teddy is her bestest toy.

He has spent most of the day outside with Pepper.

While I was pottering about in the kitchen, I left the backdoor open for Pepper to come and go.   Every so often she would whizz in, do a circuit around the kitchen table, and whizz out again.

Monster was outside on nanny-duty.

Pepper came inside eventually to crash in her bed next to the Rayburn.  Cooking is not easy.  Now to get this eating under control.  I am still worried.

8 thoughts on “Our Very Own Whirling Dervish

  1. Sam

    Puppies. like toddlers, will eat when hungry. Could be a growth spurt coming on. If she goes more than a day just grazing, call the vet or the breeder. And as long as she pees and poos, things are ok. But we need MORE pictures!

  2. M in NC

    I am not a pro with puppies, but from my nanny-type experience with toddlers (many moons ago), they can be famished one day and only mildly interested in food the next. It tends to go in phases , activity, growth spurts, something new and interesting or something new that is off-putting. You think you have them figured out and they change the rules.

    Pepper is plenty active. Hopefully she is staying hydrated. The puppy-hungries will return, especially if you have Monster to help encourage her. Competition for food can be a big motivator.

    M in NC

  3. Judith Garbutt

    She’ll probably develop a taste for all the most expensive foods! It’s not conventional puppy food but you could try tinned/jarred hot dog sausages – they are usually quite strongly scented and can tempt a fussy eater! I’d never have thought of it but the woman who ran the puppy training class I attended with my Patterdale x suggested it. She encouraged the use of food rewards but my little dog was not at all motivated by treats (and still isn’t!). Pepper is beautiful!

  4. Suzanne Kelly

    How absolutely adorable! Try not to worry; Pepper hardly seems short of energy. Give it a couple more days and if still worried or eating less, check it iut then. Probably just needs to acclimatise.

  5. diane in northern wis

    What wonderful pictures of your little pepper and her new friend the Monster! Love all the pictures you’ve been taking. Sure hope this not-eating business is just a short phase!

  6. Christine

    Wolves in the wild often eat as much as they can after the hunt, and then are able to go for days not eating until they catch more prey. Maybe Pepper is taking after her ancestors!


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