Ornamental Hjalti

So OH has gone south and I am all on my own.

I thought today would be wonderful.

On the way home from my weekly flute lesson, there was a rainbow on my house.

Surely, that means good things? (don’t call me Shirley)  Good Karma.


I got home, had lunch and then went out to talk to little Himself, aka Hjalti (the Man from the North).  Ok, he was easy to catch but a complete berk to work with.  I was very disappointed with my little foalio.  Hjalti refused to listen or cooperate. I put it down to the fact the indoor school was very noisy with the northerly wind making it shake and rattle.  A Hjalti tantrum consists of rearing about 4″ off the ground and stamping his feet. Quite funny the first time but irksome after a while.

At the end of Hjalti’s short training session (leading nicely, picking up each hoof without an issue) I led him to the gate to put him back with his mother.

Nope, Hjalti does not walk through gates.   He planted and was obtuse to the point of irritation.   So, after some words, we worked on this special skill.  Walking in and out of the gate until it was achieved without a silly fuss.

The words we had, however, meant Hjalti sulked.  This is his father’s temperament coming out.


So Hetja (his mother) and I told him to stop being so silly.


And I hope we finished as friends.


I will keep working with Hjalti on a daily basis and I may have a t-shirt printed that says “THIS IS NOT ROCKET SCIENCE!) to remind me that leading nicely and picking up each hoof is entirely possible.

Hjalti was not put on this earth to be an ornament despite what he might think.


4 thoughts on “Ornamental Hjalti

  1. Sam

    Love the first picture – makes sense of where buildings are. As for The Ornamental Horse – are you really sure that is not his job in life? I think it is. And where is Lambie?


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