Only the best for Edna

Edna, who is of indeterminate age and has only one tooth which was wobbly last time I investigated, is not at her best at the moment.  She is lame (daily hoof sprays plus the very expensive magic injection are not working) and not her fattest, despite being on three breakfasts.

So I ordered her favourite food – Rowen Barbary Ready Mash Extra.  It arrived swiftly in the post – I have since discovered that my local feed merchant will get it in for me, which is good and will save ££ on the postage.

This is the mash in its raw stage.  Floss said she wouldn’t mind trying it.

And after five minutes soaking in water, the mash was ready.  Floss did not try it.

I called Edna into my porch. She did not need asking twice.  Whoomph, straight in, head down and chomp.

She came up for air occasionally.

Outside, there was some shameless begging going on.

So we ignored it.

More beseeching looks.

Lambie even did his cheesiest grin, so I distributed some barley rings to the starving.

It was a big bowl (note-to-self, I must improve my portion control) and Edna gave it her very best.

One happy, and very full, Edna.

I put the bowl out for the washing-up crew.

While Edna very politely said thank you.

So this is Edna’s new normal.  A bowl of Ready Mash Extra every morning and I hope this will turn her around.  When I went out an hour later, she was fast asleep in the sunshine, digesting!

9 thoughts on “Only the best for Edna

  1. Sam

    oh Edna – you got the very best house to live in, haven’t you? Plenty of love and now bowls of mash!
    I had a long, loud chuckle at the “starving masses” at the fence – such acting on their parts!
    What is the purple in Edna’s fleece near her ear?

  2. Jayne

    Aw, bless her. The way Edna is devouring that bowl I had to check the YouTube settings and make sure the playback speed was actually on normal 🙂

    Love your photo of 4 allegedly starving critters the wrong side of the gate!

    PS: Has Ted had a haircut yet?

  3. Linda

    You are the BEST sheep mom ever! What a “gift” for Edna to get food she can eat without any problems…

  4. diane in northern wis

    I love how you take such good care of all your animals. Hope Edna does better and soon.


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