One of Us, One of Us!

I have been working very hard on the new Thordale website and I think it is now finally finished.

Please spread the word, tell your friends and if you find any howlers, let me know and if you want to re-write it, please feel free!

Yesterday, for the website, I took a photo of Hjalti “standing up” properly.  He was a very good boy.  So good, in fact, that I decided to take his headcollar off.  I am not a fan of horses wearing headcollars in fields.


Everyday, now, I go up to the field armed with carrot slices and two buckets with Mare & Foal mix and soaked sugar beet.

Hjalti and Hetja are both very happy to see me and to be fed.


And yes, I said TWO buckets!


Hetja is ever watchful and not a greedy get-off-my-food type of mother.


She loves her little boy so much.  Like Vitamin, a foal of her own was all she ever wanted.


Hjalti still nurses often and Hetja rarely says no.


Today, Hjalti decided to investigate the furry creation that always travels with me.  She told him off when over-stepped the mark.  He just took a step back and looked surprised!


Hjalti is much braver about me, which is good and considering I always come bearing gifts.


He likes to be scratched under his neck but not half as much as he likes to be nose-kisseyed!


He is definitely One of Us.  All my animals seem to understand this training method.


I continue to deliberate about putting The Minions in with Hjalti and Hetja.  My jury is still out.

5 thoughts on “One of Us, One of Us!

  1. Terri

    What a handsome little prince! Will Hjalti and Hetja have shelter available in winter? (he’s so little) I don’t know much about these things. His mother so obviously adores him, very sweet (and her soulful eyes!). Luffly, luffly.

    1. Frances Post author

      There are lots of old buildings in their field to stand behind but if they need to come indoors, they can live int he indoor school.


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