Old Men!

Well, a whole morning on the phone and we finally have some semblance of internet back.  Woohoo! (I feel drained).

Anywho, here are some photos of the old men who were blagging food from any passer by!

Aged 28 and 26, these two still argue, which makes me smile!

I love these two guys so much.

Very alike – cousins (you can tell). And can you see Klængur in the background?

I was followed to the gate.

And Klængur noticed that he was on his own and possibly Haakon and Iacs were being fed chocolate cake.

And there we are ….. Klængur is the boss of everyone these days.

(there was no chocolate cake)

5 thoughts on “Old Men!

  1. Miss Linda Kirk

    Glad your Internet access has returned. How frustrating is it when it’s not working. It makes you want to scream, well it does me.
    Such handsome boys, with their beautiful windblown manes. Iacs with a Mohican haircut!

  2. Kris

    Love the Mohawk effect in the next to last pic. 🙂

    They do look good for their age. May we all say the same about ourselves…


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