Old Men

This is the view from my back door, if you hop through the garden first.

Iacs (short for I Am Completely Stupid, aka Mr Bibble) was happily snoozing while the others, that would be Haakon and Klængur, completely ignored him. So much for best friendswatching out for the tigers.

Bibble had a lovely roll (note his blissful face).

Meanwhile, these two could not have been less on-the-ball if they tried.  Aren’t they looking well?  My boys (I am going all gooey-eyed now).

And he’s up.  The frilly is silly and all is right with the world.

Meanwhile, OH is offshore (working) and we have one cat in a box waiting, forever waiting for his Master’s return.  Let’s hope Shifu is back before Monster expires.

And I made a filum to try to explain why I live in Shetland.  I am uploading an HD version and once (if ever) Vimeo says it is complete, I will put the link here to replace this rather unremarkable version.

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