Oh Charles (said with a sigh)

Since putting the boys together with The Minions, I am happy to report that they are all settled together and now a calm little group (so proud, sniff) with no low-flying teeth.  Nuncles Charles and Andrew are happy to babysit and Hammy’s IQ has quickly reverted to the lowest common denominator.


I try to make a point to talk to them every day so the Minions don’t feel I just dumped them to grow up.  Talking to them every day keeps them tame and catchable.   I wandered into their field avec camera and Charles was looking rather dreamy eating the flowers.


I was trying to capture a wifty-wafty dreamy picture of him.


and failed.


Unhelpful is his middle name.  Charles Unhelpful Buttons Esq.


If I asked him to stop pigging, he looked up and did his famous idiot-face.


So I gave up and left him to it.  Maybe another day.  His nose was happily deep in the trough.


What we need are some fairies to flit about in the flowers.  Sadly they were busy too.


3 thoughts on “Oh Charles (said with a sigh)

  1. Tyche's Minder

    I wish you could come take pictures of my minions. Wifty wafty dreamy pictures. 🙂 My guys are drylotted though, so I don’t think they’d be as charming. Am I overthinking this? Will they not founder if I leave them on grass? Yours seem so fine.

    1. Frances Post author

      Our grass is not rich, seeded grass. It is full of an abundance of herbage, etc. Remember it is colder here too. A summer average of 15 celsius. They also have no indoor shelter ever.


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