Nylon Minions

Little Albie is rapidly growing into Big Albie.


Though always a very darling little boy, he is still being fed.  I haven’t “weaned” him because I think he needs everything he can get at the moment.


Milk in the morning and evening plus hard feed at breakfast and lunchtime.  He is very cuddly-wuddly and loves being hugged by us.  We still stay with him until he walks away.


He likes his food.


And so do others.  The vultures always circle.


Before Fivla arrived, the deal was always that Tor could wash-up the bowl.  Despite her small size, Tor is not prepared to share this deal with Fivla.



One of little Albie’s problems are his hind feet.


He has dropped fetlocks (probably the wrong name – I am crap at horse anatomy and diagnosis but I know bad legs when I see them) since birth which has improved through constant hoof trimming but will never be perfect.  They also rotate when he walks which makes me wince.  Apparently he is not in pain.


Albie is not “stallion material”, as they say in the horsey-pony world.


More cheap nylon.


But we love Albie so he will be gelded probably in the new year and will be one of the Minions.


A Nylon Minion.


So, not dissimilar to other nylon Minions then!


I love my Minions.

5 thoughts on “Nylon Minions

  1. Judith Garbutt

    He’s adorable! He’s so like my little Alfie. I hope his hind legs sort themselves out in time. Always a bit of a worry but he certainly seems to enjoy life – all credit to you!

    1. Frances Post author

      Not holding my breath tbh. They are not improving but they are not getting worse. As long as he is happy and comfortable. That is all that matters. x


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